Prevail Press

Kindle Vellas

A response for people who don't have time to read.

Designed to be read on a smart phone, these stories are serialized shorts around a related topic or theme. Some authors use them as a novel farm, writing the rough A plot with the intention of developing it into a novel later.

The Often Uncivil Civil Court of Judge Craig Z. McNulty

Robert Alexander Swanson

Judge McNulty has an interesting past and a more interesting ex-wife. The reason they split up is the reason Nadia McNulty, as a pro se councilor, funnels mind-bending cases to his court. These cases challenge reality, challenge credulity, and challenge the Judge. That’s just what Nadia wants. It could be their relationship’s only hope… if it doesn’t first drive the Judge crazy!

Stupid Powers

Robert Alexander Swanson

Super powers; it's every kid's and many adult's dream! When a crazy scientist grants powers to the child of anyone dumb enough to buy prenatal vitamins off the internet, they are unpredictable and almost useless. When they come together in a support group, they start to get creative!​

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