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Whether you need a book cover, story consultants, copy editors, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of them. For other needs, Contact Us.
Our artists and editors are freelance specialists; if our cover design doesn’t meet your standards, we can guide you to them, or you can use your own designer.

A married creative team who finishes each other’s sentences and artwork, they are available for book covers and interior art. 

A multi-decade veteran of Walt Disney World Costume Design, Matt contributes his limitless creativity, boyish enthusiasm, and ability to conceptualize virtually anything visually. 

Dawn, a freelance illustrator and writer, provides technical skill, analytical thinking, a penchant to make everything cute and/or beautiful, and sarcastic commentary. She has amassed a great deal of illustration work, both professional and personal, and actively maintains a popular online graphic novel.

Matt did an amazing job with the covers for Do Angels Still Fall? and the collected version of Me and the Maniac in Outer Space. Get an idea of their skill from their coloring books found on each of their own pages.

Meaghan Slack

Meaghan Slack

Cover and Interior Art

A versatile artist with her own book on Prevail Press, Child, This is Where I Am. She has also done interior work for children’s books, but by no means is she limited to such books. Easy to work with and a delight to know, she can be reached through her website.

She earned her BFA degree in Studio Art specializing in Drawing/Illustration in Fall of 2022.

James Windell

James Windell - Editor

James Windell is a teacher, author and editor. He is on the criminal justice faculties at Wayne State University and Oakland University and writes criminal justice books. As a former court clinical psychologist, parent trainer and family therapist, he has written books about parenting, divorce and other topics. He is the editor of The Michigan Psychologist and writes a regular blog for the Michigan Psychological Association. Recent books include A Widow’s Guide to Healing: Gentle Support and Advice for the First 5 Years; Cognitive Behavior Protocols for Medical Settings; Who Shaped the American Criminal Justice System; Juvenile Delinquency in American Society; and Juvenile Life Sentences: Justice Denied. He enjoys helping writers with editing and rewriting services to assist them to complete their books for publication.

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