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Traditional publishers allow great books to slip through their fingers, as a reflection of the industry, not the authors.

Prevail Press is a decidedly non-traditional publishing company; we deliver our titles through Amazon and Barnes & Noble as paperbacks or ebooks. We’re dedicated to helping authors who have great books, but could not secure a traditional publisher. Our criteria are high, so you can be assured of a good read. Our stories are often faith-themed, but not always. We do aim for uplifting, affirming, and grace-filled books, whether overtly Christian or not. For more information about Prevail Press, see our About Us page.

Prevail Press Authors

Our authors are a varied bunch, ignited by different passions and unique goals. Each has something to say to you.
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Scott Schuleit

Scott Schuleit

Pastor, Poet, Author, Literary Critic

P. Stefan Gilliam

P. Stefan Gilliam

Elite Entrepreneur, Motivator, Speaker, Author.

Robert Alexander Swanson

Robert Alexander Swanson

Novelist, Screenwriter, Publisher, Creativity Guru

Bonnie Manning Anderson

Novelist, Humorist, Blogger

Debi Walter

Novelist, Playwright, Blogger, and with her husband Tom, Marriage & Romance Expert

Bill Hufford

Bill Hufford

Businessman, Scholar, Agent of Culture Change

Aaron Osborne

Aron Osborne

Author, Man of Faith, Family Man

Cindy and Steve Wright

Cindy & Steve Wright

Marriage Missions International Founders

Dawn Davidson

Dawn Davidson

Artist, Colorist, Lost Elf from Another World

Matt Davidson

Artist, Costume Designer, Hopeless Romantic

Meaghan Slack

Meaghan Slack

Artist, Writer, Creative Powerhouse

Lewis Seifert

Lewis Seifert

Purveyor of Wisdom, Hero to All Who Know Him


Always Look for the Magic

Middle Grade Historical Fiction

Explore the Depression era through the eyes of adventurous kids and Artie's dream of becoming a magician!

Do Angels Still Fall?

Middle Grade Spiritual Fiction

What happens when a Guardian Angel reveals himself to his hyperactive charge? Excellent for family discussions about faith.

Child, This is Where I Am

A Family Picture Book

Teach your child... and remind yourself... of the miracles around us where God can be found!

Through the Eyes of Grace

Adult Historical Fiction

A story of innocence and heartbreak with surprising redemption!

Faces & Fantasy

Coloring Book for All Ages

Praised for its detailed artwork, this single-sided collection of amazing fantasy drawings is popular with adults and children! (Available in paperback only)


A Fine Art Coloring Book

Breathtaking greyscale pages just waiting for color!

Salty Sirens

A Coloring Book for Adults

With amazing renderings of historical female pirates, mermaids, and maritime locations, this coloring book for adults will have you hanging each page on your wall!


A Coloring Book for All Ages

Praised for its detailed artwork, this single-sided collection of amazing fantasy drawings is popular with adults and children! (Available in paperback only)

Creativity Wears Boots

Creativity and Art Defined Non-Fiction

The construction of your brain makes you an artist! This book explains what creativity is, why it's vital to your life, and how to develop your craft!

Cherishing Us

Romance for Marriage Non-Fiction

The tips from this book will bring the spark back to your marriage!

7 Essentials to Grow Your Marriage

Marriage Non-Fiction

This compelling book takes a male and female look into the 7 vital areas of marriage. If your marriage is struggling, this will help you recover. If you're just starting out, this will help you lay strong foundations

A Pernicious Correspondence

Spiritual Fiction

In the vein of the Screwtape Letters, this book will thrill C.S. Lewis enthusiasts

The Elite Eight

Are You a Tired Business Owner? Be Revived!

This handbook will lift you from exhaustion to energetic with new purpose that comes from being an Elite Entrepreneur. It will challenge your thinking and self-perception and give the mental tools to remake yourself with a sustainable vitality!

So Many Mountains...

Church Life Non-Fiction

What are the important things in the Christian's church life? What things are worth focusing on to help you grow in service and commitment? Pastor Aron Osborne lays it out clearly and compellingly!

Against the Currents

Worldview Non-Fiction

There is so much more to being a Christian that a one-time confession. The Bible offers a unique worldview that will change the culture. This brief guide introduces you to a new way of thinking about life and service.

Letters from the Waiting Room

Times of Waiting Non-Fiction

This collection of letters from real people at crossroads of life, the waystations, and waiting rooms that gives us time to pause and reflect, cry, call out, and pray. These are from real people at their most vulnerable.

To the Moon, Alice!

Young Adult Sci-Fi Fiction

Hud and Jack make an out-of-this-world discovery and find themselves cruising the cosmos!

Officers and Aliens

Young Adult Sci-Fi Fiction

Choices have consequences and Hud and Jack return to an Earth 20 years after they left! The world is drastically different and their new friend is a hot property!

Off to Save the Universe!

Young Adult Sci-Fi

Now an adult, Hud and Porpy are called on to determine the intentions of an alien ship headed for Earth. The problem is, Jack took Alice to space and hasn't returned...

The Anvil Hammer Springs Book 1

New Adult - Historical

Sam and Jimmy navigate the pre-Korean War world of a near-coastal Florida small town. When Sam falls hard for a troubled girl, things get dicey. Book 1 of the Hammer Springs series

Kindle Vellas

Short, episodic fiction meant to be read your phone.

The Often Uncivil Civil Court of Judge Craig Z. McNulty

Stupid Powers


Historical Fiction

Based on true events, this story explores the era when life was discovered on the moon.

Action Fantasy

Never make the fey folk angry. You won’t like them when they’re angry.

Family Film

A broken family needs mending and a father-daughter need to re-discover each other.

A Book for Writers

A story journal to make writing your book easier.

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