Prevail Press

Matt Davidson

Fine Artist and Hopeless Romantic

Matt is an amazing artist, his head overflowing with ideas, images, and delight.
A Disney costume designer, half of an artistic duo with his wife Dawn, and father to three kids as creative in their own way as their parents.

Prevail Press is doubly blessed by this incredible couple! 
Not only have they started our Art Books channel, Matt has created several of our book covers and as Dawn’s renown grows, she brings attention to our other books as well as hers and her husband’s.
Where do they find all their amazing energy? If I knew I’d bottle it! 

Amazons: History and Myth

History and Myth

What’s more awe inspiring than the Amazons, a multi-racial class of warrior women? Master of greyscale and the human form, Matt takes you on a trip through history to women of might and mystery. Test your coloring skill with this fine art coloring book!


Salty Sirens of the Seven Seas

Salty Sirens
More than a coloring book for adults, the artistry of Matt’s fertile mind is fully on display. The characters, whether mermaid or historical female pirate, are richly designed. You can tell Matt is a seasoned costume designer and you might just beg him to create a clothes line!
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