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Scott Schuleit Received The M.A. In Christianity And Culture From Knox Theological Seminary.
He Has Served As A Teacher In A Classical School, Youth Ministry Leader, And Adjunct Instructor At A Christian College.

Currently, He Is The Associate Pastor At North Palm Baptist Church In Miami, FL.
His Non-Fiction Has Been Published In Several Print And Non-Print Publications, Including: Tabletalk, Reformed Perspectives Magazine, Monergism.Com, The Gospel Coalition, And Modern Reformation.

His Poems Have Appeared In Several Publications, Including: The Penwood Review, Christianity And Literature, Critique, Crux Literary Journal, And Sehnsucht: The C.S. Lewis Journal.
Also, A Work Of Short Fiction Was Published In Reformed Perspectives

Magazine Entitled: Paradise And Perdition: An Exploration Through Narrative Theology Into The Interior Of Two Doctrines.

A Pernicious Correspondence  Is His First Published Book. He Enjoys Teaching, Preaching, The Arts, Theology, And Spending Time With His Dear Wife Christina. 

Scott Schuleit

A Pernicious Correspondence

If C.S. Lewis is your jam, this book takes Screwtape Letters a step further. bringing out age-old truths to a new audience. 

“…I was most delightfully surprised and impressed with this book. While certainly lifting the concept from Lewis, the author has invented his own unique voice in the creation of his senior demon, one both appropriately evil and ironically funny, in a wink-and-nudge appreciation of dark humor used in an edifying way. The language is rich and delightfully in-character, a welcome change from much overly-simplified modern writing, which seems geared to be accessible to a society that is almost functionally illiterate at this point. Twitter-fodder, this is not – it’s a piece of literature, written by an obvious wordsmith.

Delving again into the struggles universal to every believer while also updated to a modern setting, this book occasionally touches on issues that are sticky within the contemporary church, some controversial depending on denominational stance and interpretation of Scripture. Whatever the reader’s viewpoint and background, however, it’s a book that will challenge, provoke, encourage, amuse, and initiate serious thought and conversation. Highly recommended for fans of Lewis, and speculative Christian fiction.”

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