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So Many Mountains...

Aron Osborne

Man of Faith & Family

Aron lives his beliefs out loud. Recognized as a powerful leader and gifted preacher, Aron exemplifies the principles in his first book, So Many Mountains… Which Ones to Climb? 

Aron has served in regional oversight and mission roles, taking him regularly to India, Bolivia, The Netherlands, the Caribbean, and many states to encourage and equip leadership teams of churches.

He’s on a new adventure now, author is just one of them!

Which Ones to Climb?

Serious mountaineers believe there are a handful of mountains worth conquering – Everest, K2, Annapurna, The Eiger… everything else is just practice.

Christianity has many mountains, as well. Which ones do we conquer? Which ones are necessary to climb? Which are simply molehills?

In So Many Mountains… Which Ones to Climb? Aron Osborne reflects on twenty plus years of pastoral ministry to stir afresh the things that will matter most in church relationships, the Everests worth climbing. Aron presents his climbing card, with stories of victories and some failures.

 Readers will find themselves encouraged and ready to strap on their mountain boots to scale the mountains that matter most.

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