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Robert Alexander Swanson

Multi-Disciplined Writer

Writing has been my outlet since I was a kid. A playwright, screenwriter, novelist, technical writer, instructional designer, and more. As a ghostwriter, I authored books, resumes, websites, and comic books for clients without writing skill or who were too busy to write everything assigned to them. Now I write my own books exclusively, and help other writers as best I can. 

Helping Other Writers

I originally launched Prevail Press for my ghostwriting clients. Eventually, I opened it to others with outstanding books who were turned away by traditional publishers. 

A handful of fellow writers founded a writing group called The Writer’s Block because we all lived in the same neighborhood. COVID pushed us online and now we have members across the country, so we re-branded as The Writers’ Arc

Robert Alexander Swanson

The Anvil 

Book One of the Hammer Springs Series

War is on the horizon of 1949
, but in the small, near-coastal town of Hammer Springs, Florida, racial tensions are climbing. Best friends Sam and Jimmy are just trying to navigate their teenage years, but with their lives on hold as they wait to be drafted, they couldn't be more different.

Sam, with his sharp tongue and gangling frame, lives inside his own head while Jimmy, the beloved football hero, is dismissive of his own popularity and lives by his own noble agenda.

But when Sam falls for an unlikely girl in school, he awakens to the intense world around him. “Just for fun” becomes deeply serious, making Sam question himself, his town, his future, and his best friend.

As the town's character and conflicts come to light, Sam must choose between self-protection and love in this stormy first installment of the 4-part Hammer Springs series.

Me and the Maniac in Outer Space - The Series



What would you do if you discovered an alien device that would whisk you around the galaxy yet got you home in time for dinner? That’s best friends Hud’s and Jack’s dilemma and they do what any other 14-year-old kids would do!



Available in Paperback, Audiobook, Kindle, the Kindle lending library, and Prime Reading as individual books, or buy the collected volume as a hardcover! So many ways to enjoy a wild story! Get yours today. Click the Book to buy!

Do Angels Still Fall?

What's a Guardian Angel to do when he's given a new charge who isn't a baby but a pre-teen, hyperactive boy AND he's told to reveal himself to his charge? Breaking new ground for angels, Donael complies and faces a host of challenges and new emotions when he becomes the boy's only friend. Moved to make a rash promise, Donael finds himself wondering... do angels still fall?

Key to the Building Blocks of Parenting

This book was written to foster conversation between parent and child. Society spreads the myth that teenagers are always going to hate their parents as part of growing up. This is patently false. Parents lose their children when they stop talking to them. Warm, lively discussions keep a family close. This novel provides multiple topics to explore; many of which will surprise teenagers. This is NOT just for kids; adults will find it riveting, as well.
Click the book to see the paperback, audiobook, and ebook!

Creativity Wears Boots

It's a Brain Thing

Other books tell you what to do with creativity. THIS book tells you WHAT creativity and art really are. It has to do with our unique brain structure.
That means, whoever has a human brain IS an artist! Not only that, but creating is vital to being an integrated person! Within these pages you will discover:

* What art and creativity are and where they come from.
* Why you are COMPELLED to create...
* And why you may NOT be compelled to create; and how to overcome it.
* Why artists make good reality TV. And these added bonuses:
* Why you behave the way you do. * Why you do things contrary to what you know. * How art and creativity can change you.


For Your Phone

Paranormal casework
Strange romance
Straight up fun

The Often Uncivil Civil Court of Judge Craig Z. McNulty

Silly fun

Stupid Powers

Kindle Vellas are fun. I’ve never been one for short stories, but an episodic series is straight up enjoyable to write. Eventually, I’ll develop each of these stories into novels, fleshing out the B and C plot, adding description, but for now, they’re just a blast to plunk away on.

Note: I work on these between novels, so I may not update these for a while.


Burning Meadows

Action Fantasy – A Chicago cop returns his wife’s remains to her little town in Ireland. When his toddler son disappears, Richard must listen to the voice in the wind. Now at war with creatures he never believed existed, the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

First Comes Love

Family Film – An unexpected teen pregnancy leaves a broken family, and a father who barely knows his daughter. When he suddenly discovers the importance of family, he sets out to win his daughter and his ex- back, but can he?


Historical Fiction – Mac lost everything to the point of taking his own life, but when people are discovered on the moon, he accepts the challenge and sets out to disprove it, ends up finding the world he’s lived in and barely ever noticed. Based on true events

Back to my roots

Screenplays are different from stage plays, but the form is the same. 

I’ve written dozens of plays that I’m proud of, however, screenwriting wasn’t taught in my university, so I learned it from scratch. I sold my first screenplay prior to the Internet (I typed it on a typewriter (archaic, right?)). It was a terrible movie, but a decent script. McKee’s Story and blogs by screenwriters were my teachers. 

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