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Debi Walter

Marriage Guru

Romance Expert

Debi, with her husband Tom, have helped marriages knit together, thrive, and endure through seminars and their blog The Romantic Vineyard.

Debi wrote her first novel, Through the Eyes of Grace, base on her family history in Jenks, OK.

Together, she and Tom penned Cherishing Us, 365 Tips for a Healthy Marriage. 

Visit The Romantic Vineyard for regular encouragement and see their books below.

Through the Eyes of Grace

1904 in the township of Ceres, Oklahoma Territory. Fifteen-year-old Grace Stella Kirwin’s life is blossoming like the prairie flowers she has grown to love, yet she is unaware of the encroaching storm about to ravage her heart. It will seek to destroy all the hope she has of finding genuine love.

An ultimatum by Grace’s father leads to a violent response from the only man Grace has ever wanted. Shattered and bruised, Grace fears she’ll never be free from this nightmare. Hope revives when she moves to a new town, only to discover a dark night still awaits her. Will she find the lasting love she’s longed for?

Available in Hardcover (B&N), Paperback and Kindle (Amazon)

Through the Eyes of Grace
Cherishing Us

Cherishing Us

Advice shared the past several years on The Romantic Vineyard Facebook page, compiled in this handbook to allow you to keep the tips close for easy reference. Read one daily and use it as a springboard to enliven your marriage. Let it be a constant reminder of the priority your marriage holds in your life as you seek to grow closer together for a lifetime. Tom and Debi Walter have been married for nearly four decades and have acquired wisdom to help marriages grow through experience, study and prayer. They use every opportunity they are given to influence marriages to grow stronger and healthier as the years pass. They have three grown, married children who are replicating their parents example. "God has been kind to help us stay focused on our life's mission to see marriages thrive in a world where marriage is becoming optional. May God be glorified in all we say and do!"

365 Tips

Give yourself a year of romantic ideas to bring vitality and passion to your marriage

From Fun to Amazement

Marriage can be difficult, but these tips can overcome the darkest of days.

Paperback or Ebook

Paper or digital, a years worth of adventure!

Discover Tom and Debi's Heart

Tom and Debi are a booming example of what marriage happiness is; no one is better qualified to teach us how to cherish one another.

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