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Dawn Davidson

Dawn Davidson

Bohemian flower-child stuck in subtropical suburbia, raising family and dogs. Loves 80s fantasy films, classic children’s literature, sarcastic humor, celtic mythology and literary cosplay. Dislikes politicians, and when people clearcut forests to build ugly houses. Dreams of retiring to a cottage in the mountains and hoping a troupe of elves will move in and do the laundry for her.

Dawn is a well-known artist in the adult coloring community whose work has been featured in Colouring Heaven magazine, and whose downloadable art has earned thousands of sales and hundreds of five-star reviews. 


The Magic of Masks

Let your cares fall away as you find meditative peace while bringing these elegant designs to life.
In Masquerade: the Magic of Masks, artist Dawn Davidson brings you 16 new delightful images exploring the mystical, enchanting qualities of what is revealed when we hide our faces.

Coloring is an art form! Awaken your creativity and expand your abilities as you stretch your skill with your favorite media. Dawn’s style is to incorporate light grayscale into her drawings – just enough to get you started without overpowering the image; the subtle shading adds depth and dimension to the drawing, leaving you free to enhance it as you see fit.

  • 16 images, letter size 8.5×11, approx 22×28 cm.
  • Paper is Amazon-standard quality. It is suitable for dry media and light markers but is not the thick stock of “premium” books.
  • Images are one one side only and framed within the page. Most are not full-bleed.


Faces & Fantasy

Faces & Fantasy

Breathtaking Art

Dawn Davidson, artist supreme, presents 30 beautiful drawings, a rich selection of grayscale fantasy portraits and magical lineart illustrations begging to be brought to vibrant life by eager colorists of all ages.

In these pages meet the Archer, the Butterfly Queen, Autumn and her Spirit, Elven Princes, Elven Queens, Fairies, Princesses, and more from a lyric imagination with a sure hand.

You’ve seen Dawn on Pinterest, Deviant Art, Facebook, and Etsy. Now it’s your chance to bring her work into your home beneath your colored pencils, paints, markers, and crayons. Immerse yourself in a world of fancy that will fill your dreams with magic, poetry, and light.

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