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We are Unique

At one time in our recent history, the only way for a book to get published was through traditional publishers. 

Then Amazon hit the scene and self-publishing became easy; as a result, poorly written, poorly designed books became plentiful.

That’s where Prevail Press steps in.

Is Prevail Press a Vanity Press?

A common misperception is that any publisher who isn’t a traditional publisher must be a vanity press. Not so. Vanity Press charges exorbitant fees, claims to advertise (but rarely does), and makes the author buy a certain number of books, typically a 1,000 or more, that they’ll never sell. They also have a royalty structure like a traditional publisher. The author makes about 25 cents a book.

Prevail Press charges a flat fee ($100) that includes book design, book cover, an author’s page on our website, and a quality brand associated with your book. The author gets 90% of the royalty, Prevail Press gets 10%. That’s typically around $2.25 per book sold to the author.

Prevail Press serves as a quality check. We don’t accept every book, only well-written, quality books that fit our criteria.

How Does Prevail Press Make Money?

Truthfully, we should have filed as a non-profit company. Our goal is to help writers. We don’t make much money, just enough to pay for the essentials.

Who Retains the Rights?

The author holds copyright. The ISBN belongs to Prevail Press (by law, the ISBN is publisher designation). The author and the publisher may end the relationship at any time. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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