Books for a Better Life!

Every year traditional publishers pass over thousands of well-written books because "they don't suit our present needs."  Translated, that phrase means "it might not be a blockbuster."

It's hard to blame them.  There are half-a-dozen middlemen between you, the reader, and the writer--each wanting a huge slice of the profit.  For traditional publishers a blockbuster is necessary just to make a little money.

Micro-Publishing is the answer.  We cut out the distributor, wholesaler, bookstore and several other price-point puppies to leave you, the writer, us and the printer (as if that isn't enough!).


We carry the "sleepers."  Non-Fiction, Fiction, Scripts and Screenplays of quality. They may not sell millions, but just might change your life!  We're new on the scene, so the pickings are slim, but rest assured they are fantastic reads...

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Do Angels Still Fall? follows a bewildered Guardian Angel who's been given a strange assignment.  Not only is his charge a 12-year-old, hyperactive boy, but he's been instructed to reveal himself--something angels never do.  Donael, the Guardian Angel, discovers temptation and is forced to wonder, do angels still fall? 

Now Available!

Letters From the Waiting Room compiled by Lewis Seifert


Waiting... Pivotal times in life when there is little to do but hope, reflect and pray.  20 individuals share their moments of contemplation with you in this book that captures inspiration in ink.



Check out Clean For Your Life! - Bathrooms by Cleaning Specialist Leonard Lippy in our Non-Fiction section.  This step-by-step instruction manual will give you the low-down on teaching your bathroom to clean itself (really!)  Environmentally safe methods that will save your home, save your money and make you laugh!



In our Stage Scripts section, see  Return to Christmas, by Rob Swanson.  This two-act play takes us back to the end of World War I and the quirky town of Christmas, Florida as the inhabitants struggle with a missing ice-train, a missing soldier and missing hope!

Or check out the Screenplay section for the bizzarre Burning Meadows, for action and the supernatural rolled into a frieze of terror.