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Letters from the Waiting Room

Real letters from people in the waiting rooms of life.
Compiled by Lewis Seifert

Hospital, Funeral Homes, Chapels, and Quiet Hearts

In life's waiting rooms are where the silent heart speaks loudest. These real-life letters are authored by people during the pauses in life. Fathers writing daughters on their wedding day, people waiting for loved ones at the crossroads of physical or spiritual life, parents waiting on news of adoption, and tales of loss.  This moving compilation is framed by Lewis Seifert's thoughts in the waiting room between chapters. 

Lewis Seifert

Lewis is an amazing man, though he'd deny it. Wisdom, humor, and deep insight fall from his pen and lips. It has always been an honor to know him. Now you can meet him in the chapters of his book as he listens to people during their most vulnerable moments.

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