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A Bear, A Garbage Bag, and a Missed Opportunity

52 Creative Writing Prompts, Vol 1.

Whether you're taking a break from your main projects or hoping to come up with new story ideas, this notebook will help your creativity flow while keeping you in the writing headspace. Writing prompts are a great way to hone your skills, try new styles, and even catch a great idea to expand on. They're fun to do on your own, and great to do as a group to see what one another come up with. Surprises are constant in writing prompts.
Several varieties of prompts are included, like statements that set the scene, lists of objects to incorporate, and kooky quotes to get you started!
Some prompts suggest a genre – feel free to switch it up.
Most are worded to inspire first- or third-person scenes – but you can use second-person if you'd like.
Many are detailed – details can be ignored.
A few are oddly vague – that's where the creativity comes in!
All are short, fun, and open to interpretation!
Go in order or flip through to find a favorite – either way,

a Bear, a Garbage Bag, and a Missed Opportunity

What Did I Name That Character in Chapter Four

A Story Journal for Writers

The question isn't, "Where do you get your ideas?" It's really, "How do you keep track of your ideas?"
The answer is with a Story Journal. The worksheets in this journal will prove invaluable for keeping track of your story before you write it, as you write it, and after your first draft.
Never lose track of an idea, scene, or character again, and best of all, when you’re finished, you’ve created a story summary that makes promoting your book easy.
If you’re writing your first novel, you’ll want to dive into the Commentaries and Glossaries at the back of the journal. Don’t need them? Dive right into the worksheets at the front of the journal. Have ideas for several stories? Get several copies!
Never lose a book idea again.


A Story Journal for Writers

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