P. Stefan Gilliam

P. Stefan Gilliam

Owner and Principle consultant at Aeonian Ovia, an agency for entrepreneurs with services that include Startup Consulting, Branding and Marketing, Workshops, and Leadership Coaching, Stefan has written an insightful handbook that will help transform business people into Elite Entrepreneurs. 

The Elite Eight

8 Principles for Elite Entrepreneurship

The Elite Eight - 8 Principles for Elite Entrepreneurship


8 Startling Mindsets

Gilliam applies surprising principles to build successful sustainable entrepreneurship.


Attractively priced Kindle

Download it to your e-reader and take it everywhere you go. The perfect way to remind yourself to be elite! Click the icon to buy.


110 Pages to make it accessible

Entrepreneurs are busy people, but this information is too important to miss. This handbook condenses the 8 principles for easy comprehension and application.


Unbelievably priced paperback

You'll want to give these out to your teammates and at this price, it won't break the bank!  Here, you get far more than what you pay for because these principles will be with you forever!
Click the icon to buy.

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