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Prevail Press Pandemic Sale

99 cent Kindle editions! One week only!

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Bonnie Manning Anderson

Grade School Historical Fiction

Explore the Depression era through the eyes of adventurous kids and Artie's dream of becoming a magician!

Robert Alexander Swanson

Middle Grade Spiritual Fiction

What happens when a Guardian Angel reveals himself to his hyperactive charge? Excellent for family discussions about faith.

Robert Alexander Swanson

Young Adult Science Fiction

Hop through space (and time... whoops!) with best friends Hud and Jack. It was supposed to be an adventure!

Debi Gray Walter

Historical Fiction for Adults

A story of innocence and heartbreak with surprising redemption!

Tom and Debi Walter

Marriage Romance Non-Fiction

The tips from this book will bring the spark back to your marriage!

Robert Alexander Swanson

Creativity and Art Non-Fiction

The construction of your brain makes you an artist! This book explains what creativity is, why it's vital to your life, and how to develop your craft!

Aron Osborne

Church Life Non-Fiction

What are the important things in the Christian's church life? What things are worth focusing on to help you grow in service and commitment? Pastor Aron Osborne lays it out clearly and compellingly!

Lewis Seifert

Times of Waiting Non-Fiction

This collection of letters from real people at crossroads of life, the waystations, and waiting rooms that gives us time to pause and reflect, cry, call out, and pray. These are from real people at their most vunerable.

Bill Hufford

Worldview Non-Fiction

There is so much more to being a Christian that a one-time confession. The Bible offers a unique worldview that will change the culture. This brief guide introduces you to a new way of thinking about life and service.

Steve & Cindy Wright

Marriage Non-Fiction

This compelling book takes a male and female look into the 7 vital areas of marriage. If your marriage is struggling, this will help you recover. If you're just starting out, this will help you lay strong foundations (Available in paperback only).

Dawn Davidson

Coloring Book for Adults

Praised for its detailed artwork, this single-sided collection of amazing fantasy drawings is popular with adults and children! (Available in paperback only)


Be well!

In this time of disruption, remember to take time to reflect on the blessings of your life! They are many, no matter who you are!