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A Pernicious Correspondence

Letters from a Devil

“Within the soft radiance of a streetlight, before turning to walk back the way I came, something caught my eye; a piece of paper partly exposed under a pile of leaves near a drainage grate…”

And so was discovered a remarkable find—a pernicious correspondence, charred at the edges and smelling like sulfur. Collected here are the recovered letters from a devil, a senior tempter, advising his junior on the best ways to deceive, seduce, and subvert the human being he’s charged with destroying.

In this collection of complete letters and fragments of letters addressed to Gorpussel, and signed with the cruel pen of a demon called Senivilous, you’ll find yourself in the mind of evil and, thus, able to detect lies expressed from the world, flesh, and the devil.

By discovering these lies, you, the reader, will, by God’s grace, be more prepared to resist the temptations that assail you. Read about the infernal strategies and tactics favored by these three fierce enemies of your soul, and be forewarned.

Lovers of C.S. Lewis and his masterpiece The Screwtape Letters will find this book intoxicating as the story continues with another set of nefarious tempters, including a senior devil well-versed and experienced in crafting temptations to undermine and bring to ruin the human beings he so bitterly hates.

Me and the Maniac Book Series

What would you do if you discovered an alien device that would whisk you around the galaxy yet get you home in time for dinner? That's best friends Hud's and Jack's dilemma and they do what any other 14-year-old kids would do!
But space has dangers that look like adventure on the surface but come with great cost. Journey with the boys and their alien friend through space and time that makes them cry, "It was supposed to be and adventure!" 
Available in Paperback, Kindle at a vastly reduced price, the Kindle lending library, and Prime Reading! So many ways to enjoy a wild story! Get yours today It was supposed to be an adventure....

Two Choices

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Prepare for adventure!

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Me and the Maniac Book Series

Always Look for the Magic

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Always Look for the Magic

Through the Eyes of Grace

15-year-old Grace's life is blossoming like the prairie flowers she loves, but soon her heart will be broken... can she find peace and resolution?

For Adults

If you love historic fiction, explore 1904 Oklahoma Territory and the people who live there. It was alternately harsh and kind. Grace will be hard tasked to find kindness ever again. Adult themes. 

Based on Family Events

Debi relates her family lore in this fictionalized novel. It may drive you to discover more about your own family.

Through the Eyes of Grace

5-Star Reviews

Historical readers respond to this book, as the reviews attest. We welcome your reviews, too!

Let us hear from you

Let us know if you want to hear more about Debi's family history (you're going to be happy to know more are in the works!)

Do Angels Still Fall?

What would you do if your Guardian Angel introduced himself to you?

A Book for Family Discussion

We lose our children when we stop talking with (not at) them. This book raises discussion points in a fun and emotional story that tweens and adults can enjoy alike.

Perfect for families, youth groups, and book clubs

Discover the love of God in new and engaging ways; through the eyes of an angel and the questions of a struggling young boy. Written to inspire discussion and discovery, this novel is unique. You'll laugh, cry, and maybe even learn something lifechanging!

Do Angels Still Fall?

Donael couldn't believe his ears...

When seasoned Guardian Angel Donael is assigned a young boy instead of a baby, he is only slightly surprised. When he is told to reveal himself to his charge, he's shocked! 
Follow the most unlikely of friendships as Donael mentors Bungy, a troubled boy with no friends and a dying brother. 
When Donael makes a promise he may not be able to keep, he asks himself the fateful question: Can Angels Still Fall?

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