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The Elite Eight

The Elite Eight
8 Principles for Elite Entrepreneurship

There was a feeling I could not shake. It was hard to describe, but undeniable. This feeling haunted me. With each CEO, executive, or business owner I met, I could feel it anew, different, always peculiar. Then I finally realized… it wasn’t me, it was us. Entrepreneurs. What I was feeling was the hopes, the dreams, the desires, the wishes of each entrepreneur I interacted with. What I was feeling was the ability to move past the “regular entrepreneur” and #BE Elite. This book is the culmination of years spent as a becoming entrepreneur. Now distilled into 8 Principles necessary to take your life from that of everyday entrepreneurship to being an Elite Entrepreneur, one who operates high above the standard. Whether you’re in startup phases or well along the entrepreneurship journey, this book is your key to the next level. This is the book you’ve needed since the beginning. My name is Stefan and I invite you to become Elite today.

Against the Current Book Cover

A book on Biblical Worldview

I'm a Christian! Now what? What you do between accepting Jesus and joining him in Eternity depends entirely on your worldview. Are yours and God's worldviews the same? If you've never asked yourself this important question, or you have and not gotten a good answer, you need to learn about the Biblical Worldview. In this guide, Bill Hufford introduces you to the Biblical concepts that are the foundation of the Biblical Worldview. Scripture is clear about what we are to do until his return or when we join him. Your specific calling won't be found in these pages, but a solid description of what features that calling will have, and the culture change it can inspire, are found here. I hope you're intrigued! And challenged! Join Bill in his journey through a worldview that has influenced the world and changed everything in the last 2000 years!

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Creativity Wears Boots

Creativity Wears Boots

What IS Creativity? What IS Art?
It isn't something ethereal, it's about the structure of your BRAIN! Everyone is an artist because everyone has a brain.

This book unlocks the secret of art and creativity. Why we are compelled to create, the purpose of art, how you can be more creative,... are all answered here.

Once you realize you're an artist, this book explains what is required to grow as an artist, what it relies on, and the different elements of growth.

This isn't about one artistic medium, it is about all media, it is the foundation of art and creativity.

This book was written for artists-- beginners, intermediate, and advanced. It's for teachers and students. It's for YOU.

You'll also discover why you say one thing and do another, why so much of human behavior is contradictory. You'll learn about creativity, why it wears boots, and so much about being human!

So Many Mountains... Which Ones to Climb?

So Many Mountains... Which Ones to Climb?
What Really Matters in Church Life

Serious mountaineers believe there are a handful of mountains worth conquering – Everest, K2, Annapurna, The Eiger… everything else is just practice.
Christianity has many mountains, as well. Which ones do we conquer? Which ones are necessary to climb? Which are simply molehills?
In So Many Mountains… Which Ones to Climb? Aron Osborne reflects on more than twenty years of pastoral ministry to stir afresh the things that will matter most in church relationships, the Everests worth climbing. Aron presents his climbing card, with stories of victories and some failures. Readers will find themselves encouraged and ready to strap on their mountain boots to scale the mountains that matter most

Cherishing Us

Cherishing Us
365 Tips for a Healthy Marriage by The Romantic Vineyard

Cherishing Us is a compilation of advice shared the past several years on The Romantic Vineyard Facebook page, brought together in this handbook to allow you to keep the tips close for easy reference. Read one daily and use it as a springboard to assess your marriage. Let it be a constant reminder of the priority your marriage holds in your life as you seek to grow closer together for a lifetime.
Tom and Debi Walter have been married for nearly four decades and have acquired wisdom to help marriages grow through experience, study and prayer. They use every opportunity they are given to influence marriages to grow stronger and healthier as the years pass. They have three grown, married children who are replicating their parents example. "God has been kind to help us stay focused on our life's mission to see marriages thrive in a world where marriage is becoming optional. May God be
glorified in all we say and do!"

7 Essentials to Grow Your Marriage

7 Essentials to Grow Your Marriage

Is your marriage good, stale, or even dying? Then you must read 7 ESSENTIALS To Grow Your Marriage! With 46+ years of personal marriage experiences and more than 25 years in marriage ministry, Marriage Missions International Co-Founders Steve and Cindy Wright provide the essentials to grow your marriage in ways you never thought possible. Pray, read, glean, and use what works for your marriage.

In a conversational style, Steve and Cindy share practical/Biblical insights from each of their perspectives for a 360-degree view of each chapter. It’s a quick, easy read that packs the power to transform your marriage in God's amazing ways.

"If you're looking for help from a couple who made all the right choices, have never struggled, and who are living "happily-ever-after," don't read this book. Steve and Cindy Wright have been through the trenches, the bogs, the muck and mire of marriage. And they've persevered through hard times to help you see you're not alone and you can make it with God's help. Their advice is encouraging and authentic. I don't believe anyone escapes the struggles of marriage. But I also believe those struggles can propel you toward each other instead of away from each other. Use these principles to enrich your marriage and grow deeper in your relationship."
Chris Fabry
Author, Speaker, and Host of Chris Fabry Live on the Moody Radio Network


Letters from the Waiting Room

Real letters from people in the waiting rooms of life.
Compiled by Lewis Seifert

Hospital, Funeral Homes, Chapels, and Quiet Hearts

In life's waiting rooms are where the silent heart speaks loudest. These real-life letters are authored by people during the pauses in life. Fathers writing daughters on their wedding day, people waiting for loved ones at the crossroads of physical or spiritual life, parents waiting on news of adoption, and tales of loss.  This moving compilation is framed by Lewis Seifert's thoughts in the waiting room between chapters. 

Lewis Seifert

Lewis is an amazing man, though he'd deny it. Wisdom, humor, and deep insight fall from his pen and lips. It has always been an honor to know him. Now you can meet him in the chapters of his book as he listens to people during their most vulnerable moments.

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