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Stories for the screen and soul



A story of faith lost. Based on true historical events.
Written by Rob Swanson.

Life on the Moon - It Really Happened

In 1835, Mac is on a downhill slide, from grief to alcoholism. Turned inside-out when his wife and child died, Mac is on the verge of ending it all. But when life is discovered on the moon, he is driven to find the truth. In his travels across the East Coast, Mac runs into a young, demented Edger Allen Poe, President Parker, Chief Executive of Indian Stream, the country between New Hampshire and Canada, and First Americans with powerful magic in their peace pipes. 


Burning Meadows

A story of the Irish fae folk and redemption of a grieving Detroit Cop
Written by Rob Swanson

Never insult fairies in Ireland...

Detective Richard Barney travels to the Emerald Isle with his toddler son to bury his wife in her native land. On the drive to his wife's village, a chance remark angers the little people of the fea. When his son disappears in an open field, Richard promises the voice on the wind anything for the return of his son. The child he gets back from the Burning Meadows isn't a toddler anymore, but a driven young boy. The villagers harbor a frightening secret, as does Richard himself. When he goes to war with the Fairy King, it's the world that might end.


First Comes Love...

A bitter-sweet comedy about a family that failed to launch.
Written by Rob Swanson.

There are no mistakes unless we think so...

A teen pregnancy was the last thing Jake and Jennifer wanted and more than Jake could handle. Maintaining a tenuous relationship with his young daughter, and a broken relationship with her mother, everything changes when Jake suddenly is faced with the meaning of family and loss. He strives to become a presence in his daughter's life, but it may be too late...


Screenplays are provided as hardcopy scripts. If you are interested in purchasing Lunacy, Burning Meadows, or First Comes Love, complete the form below. Thank you.


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