Robert Alexander Swanson

Fascinated by story, Rob has dabbled or camped in most forms, including stage, behind and in front of the curtain; film, as writer and actor; and novels, short and long, Comfortable with audiences of any age-group, Rob writes for children and adults.  

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Me and the Maniac in Outer Space

Me and the Maniac in Outer Space

What would you do if you discovered an alien device that would wisk you around the galaxy yet get you home in time for dinner? That's best friends Hud's and Jack's dilemma and they do what any other 14-year-old kids would do!

But space has dangers that look like adventure on the surface but come with great cost. Journey with the boys and their alien friend through space and time that makes them cry, "It was supposed to be and adventure!" 

Available in Paperback, Kindle at a vastly reduced price, the Kindle lending library, and Prime Reading! So many ways to enjoy a wild story! Get yours today!
ISBN: 978-1948824019
$12.97 Paperback
$3.97 Kindle


Do Angels Still Fall?

What's a Guardian Angel to do when he's given a new charge who isn't a baby but a pre-teen, hyperactive boy AND he's told to reveal himself to his charge? Breaking new ground for angels, Donael complies and faces a host of challenges and new emotions when he becomes the boy's only friend. Moved to make a rash promise, Donael finds himself wondering... do angels still fall? 

Key to the Building Blocks of Parenting

This book was written to foster conversation between parent and child. Society spreads the myth that teenagers are always going to hate their parents as part of growing up. This is patently false. Parents lose their children when they stop talking to them. Warm, lively discussions keep a family close. This novel provides multiple topics to explore; many of which will surprise teenagers.
This is NOT just for kids; adults will find it riveting, as well.

Available in Paperback and Kindle on Amazon

Publisher: Prevail Press
ISBN: 0-9793251-1-0
Paperback: $9.99
Kindle: $3.99


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