Lewis Seifert

Hospital administrator, humanitarian, comedian, and financial wizard, Lewis is a man who is a blessing to everyone who knows him. 

Letters from the Waiting Room

Though Lewis doesn't consider himself a writer, he has massive experience counseling people in the waiting rooms of life. He found fragility and transparency in every instance and decided to collect a book of letters written by people in life's waiting room.


Real letters, real people, real (and metaphysical) waiting rooms.

Not limited to Christians

Some of these letters are by Christians crying out for God; others are by people with other beliefs, coping as best they can.


Available in Paperback and Kindle
Publisher: Prevail Press
ISBN: 0-97963251-47-5
Paperback: $12.97
Kindle: $3.99


Prevail Press, LLC
285 Doe Dr.
Guffey, CO 80820



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